About us

Pioneer in cross-border telemedicine since 2010, Eutelmed is the leading international healthcare and quality of life provider for people living abroad.

Eutelmed runs and independent and multicultural network of healthcare professionals offering medical and paramedical services, from prevention to healthcare and quality of life, through a secured e-consultation platform.

Respecting the relationship between people and professionals is at the heart of Eutelmed’s actions.

Our founders

Eutelmed was established in 2010 at the faculty of medicine of the Cochin Hospital, within the incubator of Paris Biotech Santé.
It's a young and innovative company supported by the Ministry of Research, and by the city of Paris.

Antoine Abadie

Antoine Abadie

Founder - Finance and Development Director

After the experience of setting up and managing an IT business, Antoine became interested in developing an innovative health care business.

Bernard Astruc, MD

Bernard Astruc, MD

Founder - e-Health Director

Former head of the clinic at the Faculty in Montpellier, and general practitioner for two years in the Horn of Africa, Bernard is today an independent psychiatrist.

Chrystel Chaudot

Chrystel Chaudot

Founder - Healthcare Risk International Mobility Manager

After having worked as a clinical psychologist in public institutions, Chrystel turned to business consultancy in de field of psychosocial risks.

Ethics and deontology

All the healthcare professionals of our network work according to their code of ethics.


We offer online consultations via a secured video system. We do not offer consultations via instant messaging or by email. As in normal practice, the payment is made once the consultation has been completed.


We ensure that all the healthcare professionals of our network work according to their own speciality's code of ethics.


The professionals of our network all have university qualifications and several years of experience. They consult from their regular workplace. They've been trained to do online consultations (video, telephone). They can also receive you at their practice.


All the professionals of our network have been expatriated at least once in their life. Therefore, they're well aware of the challenges that come along with expatriation. The network consists of professionals who have several years of experience in their specific domain.

A word from the e-Health Director

The human experience I enjoyed in Addis-Ababa, as doctor at the French Consulate, serving the French community, was not only rich, it has beyong all, planted a precisous seed in my mind that became a reality today. Indeed, adults, teens and children have now the possibility to consult, in their own languages and in respect of their own cultures, a wide variety of specialists (e.g. psychiatrists, psychologists, coaches, speech therapists, school counselors) who can support them through a secure and confidential platform.

Eutelmed has become a global network offering support in more than 17 different languages and cultures, available through the web platform that we have created. We are also present in Asia and Africa thanks to our correspondent doctors who form the end of our « distance network » by providing proximity healthcare.

With my partners, Antoine Abadie, co-founder, and Chrystel Chaudot, as well as the rest of Eutelmed's team, we accompany individuals and corporate clients who trust us, every step of the way.

We developed programs specifically adapted to educational institutions abroad as well as a partnership with Handicap International in order to make growth rhymes with responsability.

Eutelmed develops today in order to support those who live abroad.

— Bernard Astruc, MD, e-Health Director


Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Eutelmed and our services.

To register, you should give the email address which you use regularly. You can also use this email address to access your personal space. Information concerning the organization of your consultations will be sent to this address and your address will never be used by third parties or resold for commercial ends.
The video conference system will work automatically if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser.

If you are using a different web browser, you will have to install a plug-in. Just follow the instructions and you will only need to install this once.
You can change your healthcare professional or unsubscribe from our site at any time. If you decide to change healthcare professionals, only a healthcare professional from the Eutelmed network can be contacted.
Yes, via secure messaging in your personal space.
Our network is made up of healthcare professionals registered in institutions where expertise is regulated and who have all signed cooperation agreements. These professionals have all been interviewed by Eutelmed’s medical director and have received specific training on expatriation and on the usage of video-consultation tools.
If the connection is bad or cuts off during the video-consultation, your healthcare professional will contact you by telephone to finish the consultation and make another appointment as soon as possible.
This will depend on the medical or paramedical specialty that you have chosen. This information will be given to you when you are connected in your personal space.
If your employer or supplementary health insurance provider have given you a registration code, you can check your conditions of reimbursement in your personal space.

Otherwise, as with normal practice, you will pay at the end of the video-consultation via your personal space with your bank card.
Our platform complies with article R.6316-10 of decree n°2010-1229 concerning telemedicine. The most stringent recommendations in terms of security and confidentiality are applied.
Your health and personal data are not stored by Eutelmed. They are stored on the computer server of a healthcare data host approved by the Ministry of Health.