Our Network of Experts

Because it is essential to speak to   expert who shares your language and culture, our network includes more than 300 highly qualified and experienced professionals, located throughout the world and capable of working in more than 60 languages.

Thanks to our network and digital platform, you can cover your international reach and manage your quality of work life policy in a uniform and centralised manner.



Who are our experts ?

  • Clinical psychologists, occupational or organisational psychologists and executive coaches. To advise and assist you in a professional setting.
  • For our e-health services, we provide psychotherapists, speech therapists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists and certified coaches.

A quality network of experts

Our network is a strong collective, built around the values of Eutelmed: Professionalism, team spirit and integrity.

We select, train and integrate professionals into the Eutelmed network, creating cohesion through supervision and sharing of expertise between members. Finally, they adhere to our Ethical Charter and to the procedures that govern the assignments we carry out for you.

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