Tailor-made Services

Because each group is defined by a unique and specific context, culture and organisation, which is constantly evolving, Eutelmed provides tailor-made support and solutions in line with your needs.

Expertise, proximity, responsiveness and flexibility: Our assets to become your trusted partner and to respond with sensitivity to all your challenges thanks to our innovative digital solutions and a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Our experts by your side

Diagnostics and survey on psychosocial risks

These quantitative and qualitative tools, accessible via the CARING BY EUTELMED™ platform, allow you to  be objective on psychosocial issues or to take stock of a sensitive context. You will have access to relevant steering indicators that are scientifically validated and available in several languages. An expert will present you with a summary report and help you draw up an appropriate action plan.

Training and raising awareness for all your employees and managers

On-site, remotely or via our e-learning platform, we train your employees and managers in the prevention of psychosocial risks and quality of work life. These programmes are accessible to everyone all over the world, while adapting to different cultural contexts and languages.

Change management

Reorganisation, restructuring, and mergers: Changes in organisations impact individuals at the psychosocial level. Taking them into account reduces human risks and increases the success of transformations. Eutelmed’s team of experts in the psychology of change advise and support you collectively or individually.

Executive Coaching

Eutelmed provides a team of highly certified coaches to support managers and executive teams in their development and optimising their potential.

International mobility assessment and coaching

Assessing, preparing and preventing the psychosocial challenges of international mobility for employees and their families is a crucial element for successful projects. Thanks to our assessment, we can anticipate the emergence of difficulties, and with coaching, we cultivate the capacity of employees and their families to adapt to the challenges of international contexts.

Return to work

After a long period of absence from work, it is normal to feel doubts, worries and a loss of bearings. To guarantee a lasting return to work, specific support is necessary. Eutelmed’s specialised coaches will accompany you at each stage of your particular situation so that you can return to work with peace of mind and confidence.

Crisis management

Our geographical, personal, or work environment can sometimes be the source of potentially traumatic events. Our team of experts will work with you around the world to quickly implement appropriate solutions to reduce the impact of events on the wellbeing and mental health of your employees.

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