by | 27 January 2023

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For several months we have been thinking about a new visual identity that would represent our work and also the culture of Eutelmed. Of course, this includes getting a new logo: this chameleon that we wanted to be colourful. We would like to share with you the story behind this logo and what it says about us.


A fascinating and unique creature in the animal kingdom, of which it is one of the oldest specimens, the chameleon symbolises flexibility and transformation. And it is precisely because of its incredible capacity for adaptation that it is able to assert its uniqueness and mark its difference. In many cultures, it symbolises emotional and energetic sensitivity, intuition, instinct. It also represents a connection to others, as its colour variations allow it to express its emotions and communicate with its peers. For some, its rainbow colours make it the link between heaven and earth. For others, it symbolises ancestral wisdom, reflection, or even consciousness that manifests itself infinitely.


Because it represents the wealth of diversity within companies, the adaptability of employees who form the vibrant heart of the community and, lastly, the chameleon represents Eutelmed and the values that have set us apart for 12 years: our holistic, flexible, empathetic approach. No one will say it better than Malian author Amadou Hampâté Bâ, who dedicated this wonderful text to it, which we would like to share with you:

“… The chameleon is a great teacher. Observe it. When it takes a direction, it does not turn its head. Do as it does. Have a goal in your life and don’t let anything deter you from it. The chameleon does not turn its head, but instead turns its eye. It looks up and down. This means: stay informed. Don’t think that you’re alone on earth. When it arrives somewhere, it takes on the colour of that place. This is not hypocrisy. It is firstly tolerance and then savoir-vivre. Clashing with each other doesn’t help. Nothing has ever been built on fighting. We must always try to understand each other. If we exist, we must acknowledge that other people exist. If the chameleon moves forward, it lifts its foot. It sways. This is called careful walking. To make its way somewhere, it hooks its tail, so that if its feet sink, it remains hanging. This is called watching your back, but also never forgetting where you started… So don’t be reckless. Take things slowly in everything you do. If you want to create something sustainable, be patient, be kind, be human…”.

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